“Clubs and Clubbing”

Hey guys!! Sorry it’s been a bit longer than usual since I last posted. I’m sorry to say that this time gap will probably only get a bit bigger in the near future as my classes start next week. I’ll try to update as regularly as possible, as I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seats with baited breath waiting for the next sizzling installment 😛

Anywho, yesterday was quite a busy day, and by the end I was just toooooo tired to write about it.

First came the FRESHERS’ FAIR!!! Oh sweet Jesus was that an experience. I knew that with over 400 clubs and societies at Oxford, it was going to be a packed affair but I still wasn’t prepared!

It was literally like being packed in a sauna while people shove fliers and coupons in your face screaming “PICK ME, PICK ME!” Of course there were plenty of things that I had been wanting to sign up for, but damn it!

I’m actually not sure about everything I signed up for but if I had to guess it was probably about 20 clubs. The ones that I remember (and therefore am truly excited about) are as follows:

Oxford LGBTQ Society, WomCam (Women’s Campaign), It Happens Here (Sexual Violence Awareness), Democrats Abroad (yay Americans who aren’t insane!), Unite Against Fascism, rs21 (Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century), Socialist Workers Student Society, the Bibliophiles (book lovers i.e. nerds!), Oxford Quiz Society (even bigger nerds), and the OU Dramatic Society :)


I know, I won’t possibly have time to participate in all of these equally with all my grad work, but I really am excited about them. There’s SOOOO much here to do and to get involved with.

We had some pretty strong groups at R-MC (OSMA was my weekly retreat!!), but since it was/is a very small school you just don’t have the same number of orgs like here.

And of course quantity does not automatically equal quality, but these groups in particular had so much energy to them. And if you were already interested in what they were about, you couldn’t help but get hooked!

After that, I was both extremely sweaty and a bit tired. This is of course when the weather decided to get uber-English, and out of nowhere start a fucking deluge! Lid and I had been walking for a quick lunch, but things got so rainy so fast we finally just chucked it in and took a cab.

Lunch was lovely, but there was no time for rest, as in about an hour, I was FINALLY going to meet some other people doing their Masters in Modern British and European History! It was understandable that I hadn’t met any of them before (we’re generally skittish people, very pale, and nervous around the living).

The meeting itself went pretty well. I met some amazing new people who are the same breed of nerd as I am (haha), and we were all finally informed of what the hell it is we’re going to be doing this term.

It’s funny how differently the departments do things here. These whole two weeks both Yulia and Lid have been stressed with all the stuff their departments have been asking them to do. I think Lid actually had to go to a class today too. And here I’ve been, worried that I’d missed some kind of super-important email telling me to do all of the same things.

Turns out nope! The history department just thought they’d save it all for yesterday afternoon! Now to be fair, all the info for the courses was up on their internal system, but unless you are crazy (like me) you really had to go looking for it, and if you don’t know how their WebLearn System works, it’s a pain in the ass.

But now we are all very aware, not only of the Theory and Methods class we knew was coming, but also of the Sources and Resources class we really didn’t :/ Basically, I can just sum it up like this: SHIT-TON OF READING!!!!!

We then got divided up into the actual class sections for Theory and Methods to see who we’d be working with. There’s a great diversity between what we are all studying from 16th century-20th century. We also got to meet one of our two instructors for the course, Dr. William Whyte. He is, on first impression, extremely nice and laid back. It’s very early but he just seems like one of those cool professors whose in this with you :)

All in all, a very exciting time getting my first taste of history nirvana. I’m sure in a couple of weeks I’m going to want to poke my eyes out with cactus needles rather than read one more word on historiography, but for now, I’m enjoying it lol.

As I was walking to the bus stop to go home, I ran into a girl I had met a few nights prior. I was surprised that she remembered my name, as our initial encounter had been brief, but hey I guess I’m just memorable (ego, go away, you weren’t invited!).

I remembered her name as well, but as I have not gotten her permission to use it, I will once again keep things anonymous until I do.

She invited me out to this place called Castle Tavern that she and a few of her friends were going out to. I had heard of the event, No HeterOx at this place inside Castle Tavern called BabyLove, on the OU LGBTQ website but didn’t know anyone else who was going. But yay, I got extremely lucky running into her and was more than happy to accept her invite.

We all met up around 11pm that night and after a bit of time in the STX Bar made our way, sometimes down the wrong streets, to BabyLove. They were staying open from 11-3 for the special No HeterOx night, so the night was most definitely young.

The bar itself was very cool. Standard setup on the main floor, and some killer disco remixes and dancing in the basement! Of course this also means you’re going to sweat yourself into a puddle, but hey that is all part of the fun (did I also mention there was a stripper pole?!?).

I’m probably waxing immature at this point, but honestly, this place was by far the most open one I’ve ever been to. In Richmond, there are basically 2 main gay bars. And they are both great; Richmond has a pretty decent LGBTQ scene.

But this place was just so different. It really was the first time that you could see just how free we all felt. People of all ages, colors, identities, were just there, living it up.

It was just pure, queer fun!


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